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My System Specs


Originally Posted by AkG View Post
Then lucky you. SLi drivers are better than XFire drivers, but there are plenty of games that the drivers are not optimized for it. Single card drivers ALWAYS get better faster...and always at least work. Many games wont even SLI/XFire for weeks/months after launch!

BUT dont say that power consumption and heat doesnt play a big role in a lot of peoples purchasing decisions. Lower power consumption means less heat created...which means lower noise cooling solutions needed. Not everyone wants a modern day dust buster. Not everyone wants to go the WC route. Hell look at the DB levels of this beast. It even quieter than a 680...and walks all over it in performance.

Honestly, sounds to me like some people just want to find fault with a premium card. Is it perfect? Nope. Is it the fastest consumer grade GPU to hit the market? Yes. Does AMD have anything even close right now? Nope. Could it be / should it be cheaper? Sure...but this is a status card. It is the undisputed single card KING. You always pay a premium for that. This is the same 'bang for your buck' nonsense people get one with every generation. Oh the new flagship model is X, for less you can get two Y's etc etc etc. To hear some people tell it we should all be using 20 year beater cars as they are cheaper than brand new ' Benz. If you can afford the Benz...why the hell would you not pamper yourself?!
Damn that was well said!!!! Here's the deal....with the new DX11 games I now have to start "down tweaking" settings to get my perfect 60 +FPS on my Dell U2711 2560 x 1440.
My rule of them is, that as son I have to start down tweaking settings before I play, I consider a better graphics solution, something that will get me back to Ultra Settings, Max AA Max MSAA Max AF or whatever, I'm sure you get the picture.
Remember folks this Card is leaning to the larger ultra high Resolutions and multi monitors, would love a couple of these in SLi on my Dell and a little FC3 or Crysis3 etc etc..perhaps Witcher 3? Remember how that Super Sampling brings your GPU's to there knees...

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