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Post Server CPU requirements (Intel)

So after being a dedicated MAC guy for a few years now I have decided to build a home server. The main purpose of the server will be ripping Blu-Ray disc as well as storage of the movies, photos and general documents. I plan on running Windows Server Essentials 2012 as an operating system and possibly run a VM. I also want the server to be as fast as possible (reading and writing to drives that is), so I plan on using dedicated RAID cards running in RAID 0+1.

My many question is what particular spec's should I be looking for in a CPU?
  • Overall speed
  • Support of multi PCI 3.0 lanes for possible multi RAID cards?
  • Memory bandwidth?
  • Does any of that even matter?
I am not too worry about cost. I am not going to drop a grand on a cpu but whether itss $100, $200 or $300 for the cpu I don't really care.

This will be my first ever dedicated server so I appreciate any feedback that you feel maybe relevant.
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