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Gah, my brain is still stuck in the "4.0 is the holy grail" days. I had my 6750 under water with a 240+120x38 loop and the best I could get was a 3.6 haaa. This thing does 4 with one setting and probably fine on the stock intel cooler (which is smaller than the e6750 one).

I was going to do 2x spectre pro's but I wanted a positive airflow setup so I thought I would do the pro up front and the stadard on top of my Raider case. Happy with the results just with I went prox2 and just undervolted the pro on top. May still do that. I love how the raider case instructions SHOW a pro 200mm installed as an option but I had to cut the front case cover to get it in there, dorks.

I will be going for 5.0 for sure, I hope the Mine2 cooler makes itself known as I go higher, so far I am annoyed at it lol.

Any good guides or tips on 3570k o/cing? I am baffled by the bios stuff now haha I was pretty damn good with it on AMD/p35 era boards but there are so many more options now. I am looking for a LIVABLE o/c, not just benchmarks. i need it to run all day and not piss my wife off with weird stuff haha. Most of what I have found is more "peak o/c" stuff.
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