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Default Back after 4 year hiatus

Hi All. I am sure none of you remember me but I was on quite a bit for a while back in the day (served in the core2 wars). Decided I am a PC gamer after all and dove back in.

I will put up pics in a bit but so far I am happy with my rig. Only 2 things bug me:

- I splurged on a Scythe Mine 2 and get the same temps as with my old Corsair A50? I get a bit better idle temp (who cares) but pretty much identical load temps. Last night was 30-33 idle and 77-79 load.

- Overclocking is too easy, I remember fiddling for WEEKS to get my E6750 stable at 3.6ghz, this 3570k I just went "let's see and all I did was change the multi from 34 to 40 and it was 6 hours prime95 stable, boring lol.

Oh and the difference between Bitfenix's spectre and spectre pro lines is ASTONISHING, I kinda wish I returned the normal 200mm, it is flimsy and weak, the pro could hold up a house and makes an actual breeze under the desk as an INTAKE fan.
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