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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
I think an offline component is possible. Just allow the regions to run like they did in SimCity 4. Allow the player to jump between individual cities in a region on-the-fly and problem solved. That was actually only of my best memories of SimCity 4.
I agree I really donts ee how hard a single player component could be, only slight modifications maybe, no real dev time. I wouldnt even mind having to build up a region before I became successful.

And I've decided from now on, well really it was the Diablo3 launch, that I will never purchase a game if it requires an active connection to a server. Multiplayer has been perfected prior to this and I really dont agree with where they are going with it.

The thing is I dont see how having the always online component makes sense financially really, the server upfront and maintenance costs cant be that small. Not to mention the bad publicity

And I agree with Sky as well, it is an issue of control as well, not only do you have to be part of a region and affected by others who may or may not benefit you BUT also any hopes and dreams of moding the game in the future are dead as well.
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