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My System Specs


Originally Posted by MacJunky View Post
8086? Wasn't it the IBM PS/2 model 25 and 30 using that CPU?
That is a bummer. My IBM 5150 is keyed. So was a 5160 I played with. And other than that as long as the ground wires are together it should be fine.


OK, ummmm.
Do not poke your fingers/hand around your graphics card's fan. If your finger/hand gets in the wrong spot a blade might snap off!(and if you do not replace the fan it will run off-balance until the bearings quickly die)
Poor GTX460 ended up with a chopped up AMD stock cooler fan. :( I mean, it works but it has an AMD sticker on it and takes up a fan header elsewhere.
MacJunky wrote this post using that rig btw.
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