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Originally Posted by Soultribunal View Post
Some being the operative word. Its not that I am doubting the corporate decisions Xnine, as they can be complicated in there own right to make....its the OEM.

If you buy a Chevy, and it burns you......but you give it one more shot again and you get the same result...what are the chances you are going to buy a 3rd one?

The only saving grace right now of FSP (since I've seen inside of the V2's now) is your platform is even better than there best I am hoping that once JG gets one on the bench I will be proven wrong on its performance.

I understand where you're coming from. Afterall, I'm a modder/builder myself, and there's some brands out there I wouldn't touch with a 10 ft pole because of past experiences.

I think FSP has got something good going on here. They decided to boost and enhance their Aurum platform and give us their latest and greatest. Here's a review (from another forum, so please don't hurt me) NZXT HALE90 V2 1000 W Review | techPowerUp

Provides insight to ripple, numbers, etc.

Originally Posted by igot6strings View Post
Comparing the images of the internals from the v1 and v2 the v2 looks alot cleaner on the inside. The components also appear to be of higher quality. Since I have no clue about how a psu works I can't really comment but I can honestly say from an appearance perspective the V2 looks like a much higher quality psu than the first generation.

I can't wait to get my hands on the V2 and the other components NZXT sends me. I'll do a full unboxing and all that fun stuff when it gets here. No word on when yet. NZXT said it should have things finalized today with regards to replacement/reimbursement. Now I just need to keep my fingers crossed that it gets sent by air rather than ground. Can't wait though. It'll be a good birthday though if it arrives before than. I'll have to meet some of you guys in DayZ and we'll party it up.
I also owe Xnine a beer or 12 for all the help he has provided. I am so very grateful for everything that hes done for me.

Xnine buy yourself some lotto tickets, you got lots of karma on your side right now.
Thank you for the kind words, but luck hasn't been on my side for quite some time now, lol. All I want is the Avalanche to win tonight. I'm going to the game after my rather long day at school (I'm leaving in a half hour for 9 straight hours of school, bleh!)

I try my best to help wherever and whenever I can. And that's for anyone, even people who don't buy NZXT stuff, I try to help them with cooling/building/budgeting. That's what the community should be about.
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