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Comparing the images of the internals from the v1 and v2 the v2 looks alot cleaner on the inside. The components also appear to be of higher quality. Since I have no clue about how a psu works I can't really comment but I can honestly say from an appearance perspective the V2 looks like a much higher quality psu than the first generation.

I can't wait to get my hands on the V2 and the other components NZXT sends me. I'll do a full unboxing and all that fun stuff when it gets here. No word on when yet. NZXT said it should have things finalized today with regards to replacement/reimbursement. Now I just need to keep my fingers crossed that it gets sent by air rather than ground. Can't wait though. It'll be a good birthday though if it arrives before than. I'll have to meet some of you guys in DayZ and we'll party it up.
I also owe Xnine a beer or 12 for all the help he has provided. I am so very grateful for everything that hes done for me.

Xnine buy yourself some lotto tickets, you got lots of karma on your side right now.
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