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Originally Posted by BobbyLou View Post
So yeah, not really sure what to do from here. All I can say is avoid Samsung RMA.
Post all this on their Facebook page.
Lately I'm finding the best way to get support from a company when the traditional methods don't work is to post an honest complaint on their facebook and also message them on facebook. This goes to the PR department rather than Tech Support/RMA. Big companies like to keep their PR image as untarnished as possible. Shaming them in public with honest complaints works like magic.
I had to do this with Paypal recently after someone lied about a phone I sent them saying they didnt receive it. I was able to show that he had done this countless times before with many buyers. Paypal awarded the buyer his money back in the dispute but after I talked to their facebook rep I got my money back instantly and they are now proceeding with an investigation against that buyer.
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