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Originally Posted by IRQ Conflict View Post
Y'know, this is going back almost 20 years. I bought a few models from the local Mennonite Centeral Commitee to try and learn DOS and the hardware involved. Mostly to learn the OS. But I just couldn't stop myself from farting with the hardware heh. I do believe they were IBM's. Don't remember the model numbers though.

I do remember playing the Incredible Hulk and Castle Wolfenstein text based games in glorious orange and green moochrome though. Off a 51/4 inch floppy.

Edit: Tried looking up the Casle Wolfenstein, doesn't look like what I played. Must of been a similar named title.
flashback its Wolfenstien3D and sound was crappy if didn't have a sound card

lol video 512kb or 1meg ram with 8-bit color oh an 16bit slot

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