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Originally Posted by moocow View Post
I don't think it's possible. If you look at how the game is designed, it's a multiplayer online game. There's no way in hell you can play by yourself offline because you need the other players in the region to interact with in order to make your city grow.
It's not at all hard to envision a single player only version of this game, and it's very apparent that there's demand.

Furthermore, it is a classic series that players have been enjoying single player for almost 25 years. The omission of an offline single player mode is an absurdity obviously driven by EA execs.

I think it may even be likely that a majority of Simcity players over the years use cheats to have fun building cities. The actual gameplay has never really been the focus.

It's probably only a matter of time before there's a server emulator that enables true offline play.

CliffyB can go give EA analysts a bj after sucking himself. I'd love to see EA die and its IP auctioned off.
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