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Good catch Nod...I was doing my reviews on a old Sony Vaio laptop (what can I say, its summer and I love being able to take a chair and laptop and type up and do my graphs outside). After reading your comment I checked the forumla and it was correct, which sucks as it indicates a BIG problem. I loaded up Orthos and it crashes within 5 minutes. Neeldess to say I'm now without a laptop and stuck inside doing my reviews from now on. Oh well, I've been drooling over the ASUS laptops so I gues next year I'll pull the trigger on a new one. :)

On a serious note, I would likle to apologise to the HWC community as I should have caught that error. Its not like I don't have a ton of solid computers to use, I shouldn't have trusted my old craptop.

I've notified our editiors so the error should be fixed by this evening.

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