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Default Microsoft has lost in regards to the PC

I dont mean Windows vs Mac or Linux, I mean in a purely gaming standpoint and that is why they are focusing heavily on the console.

Its been puzzling me for quite a while as to why microsoft has been putting so little effort onto the PC in terms of gaming. They had a great opportunity to put Halo4 Windows8 at its launch and they passed it up. Theres been next to no improvements on the PC in terms of gaming for quite a while. Why is that you ask? Well let me tell you why I think.

Microsoft lost any control it had of the platform it had when Steam started taking off. Windows needed to get its GFWL integrated into Windows and actually half decent before Steam ballooned the way it did. Valve is making truckloads of money off every game Steam sells while Microsoft makes nothing. Curse of having an open platform.

Microsoft needed an integrated Steam basically a long time ago and now I really dont think they have a whole lot of hope in getting back that market share. The Windows 8 store is too little and too late I think. First off its only for the metro interface which noone actually uses, 2 it lacks t he focus and integration with games that Steam has, and 3 its against what is now a multi platform gaming service.

Sometimes I do dream of what a Microsoft Steam service could look like, deeper integration into the OS isnt really necessary dont get me wrong but imagine if your save games placement actually had logic to it. I imagine offline mode might actually work as well.

The thing is even if Microsoft was to bring out their variant they'd have at least as much trouble as Origin is having (minus the SimCity server problems) and I really doubt for the moment that they are going to bother, they are going to continue to invest in their xbox despite the fact that 2014 will be the year of the PC.
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