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Originally Posted by IRQ Conflict View Post
Check this out.
Yes a grumpy CSR, you can get that at any call center. Can you guys stop posting all the hate in here or make a new thread about your hatred for EA and Always-On DRM K plz thnx. I've probably already got almost half the hours I've put into Simcity as I did Diablo 3 which had the same shit. Diablo 3 was a more regrettable purchase for me, seeing as I paid a FULL $60 and also couldnt play it very often the first few days, yet most people here still ate it up and bought it. Not condoning the use of always-on DRM, but it was known for how many months pre-launch? This game is pretty addictive once you can actually play it.

Feel free to make as much noise about it as you want, since maybe they WILL actually implement a type of offline mode, but please direct it to the Maxis/EA Forums or the Simcity Sub-Reddit (Maxis devs are active there) if you actually want your complaints heard - instead of in this thread where no EA employee will see it. It only further annoys us (already annoyed from the always online stuff) who want to have a conversation about the game we're playing.
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