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Default Slow Laptop

A friend brought me her Toshiba Satellite A660 laptop with an i5 chip and 6GB of RAM and it is slower than Christmas.

I ran Spybot and she had a couple of Trojans and adware and removed that, ran Malwarebytes that showed nothing, ran AVG and that showed nothing, ran Ccleaner and removed some tool bars, coupon trackers, some games and cleaned things up. Rebooted and things still run slow. For example I tried to do disk cleanup and what usually takes a minute, looks like it hangs. when you do task manager to see what is going on, it just shows the one application using 25% of the cpu and then if you try to close disk cleanup or even the task manager itself nothing happens. The laptop just stares at me doing nothing. I even walked away to give it some time and eventually it gets the task done.

Not sure where to go from here so I am looking for some suggestions. My 7 year old old core duo laptop is faster than this POS (well almost ). I even turned off the wireless to keep it from looking on the internet for updates or virus or whatever.

Something isn't right with it - just can't figure out what.
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