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My System Specs


Back in oh I think 2000-2002 my memory is fuzzy at times lol, I grabbed a Intel Celeron 1 Ghz PIII chip.I was hoping to oc to 1.5 Ghz as i heard they oc'd well, Popped the chip into the board and reinstalled the cooler. No post no beep.....after a while of trouble shooting I take the cooler off to find that I cracked a good 1mm piece of Cpu off of the die. Another story around the same time, me and a buddy decide to trade Vid cards, i forget what exact models. But I do remeber mine was a AGP 4X his was a AGP 8X, I popped my buddies Vid card into my system no issues....booted and gaming out. My Buddy popped mine into his system and powered up....nothing but smoke and sparks. My card melted and killed his mobo, ram and PSU, we found out that his mobo only supported AGP 8X and overvolted the Vid card.
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