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My System Specs


the tahiti le is by far the better card, you did a typo, or this is a loaded question

GTX660, is this a standard 660 or the 660 Ti?, if standard, then the 7870 is alot more powerfull and the 7870 LE is more powerfull then the 7870 for sure(more shaders, higher clocks etc)
The 660 is more power efficent, and somehting like the MSI GTX660 Ti power edition overclock like mad, to be pretty much a GTX670 in most things
7870 LE should have been called 7930 though IMO, is very very close to 7950 raw performance when both are clocked up, and at least as good as a 670 in most cases.

I have a 7870, and love it, have since the day it came out, drivers have been so so here and there, but once you find good drivers(for me I mine, game and such so I need to be picky) nothing wrong with them, they overclock nicely, have decent temps, power draw is ok, perfomance is great, and, once AMD figures out exactly where the discrepences are, we get a good high % boost in overall performance, but for now, still great cards :)

I would go 7870 LE--powercolor myst-sapphire LE-club 3D Joker there is a few like this, sapphire seems to be the better for the cooler though.
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