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Default General tips / things that don't get mentioned / things you learn the hard way

Sort of a thread to share the things you learned the hard way, that you wish you didn't have to. Or the little things that come with certain configurations / setups / hardware / etc. that don't really get mentioned often. Doesn't have to be long or anything. Please share whatever you've got. It's always nice to learn from others mistakes and successes.

I'll start with some recent things that happened to me.

Crossfire doesn't work in windowed mode. Got suspicious when my FurMark and SC2 benchmarks were doing pretty poorly.

When making shorter sata cables, there is a minimum space required between each connector. I put the connectors too close together and it did not power up the hard-drive. Spaced it out a bit more and voila. This was on a molex to sata cable. I thought it might have been the connector or cable, so I swapped them out before discovering the culprit.
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