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Default playback lag on camcorder

JVC digital DV Camcorder.

i use it alot then i start to see thick lines going across when playing it on the lcd at certain duration like from 2:00 to 10:00 time frame. few days later it was clear itself. then it happen again.

then i drop the camcorder now playback have hiccups like every 1 seconds. the screen does says i need video head cleaner. everytime the hiccup..... i hear mechanical noise inside the camera.

so i bought video head cleaner...... no work. still the same. then i try to menually clean it myself with a q-tip.... i saw few metel strips on the top inside the camcorder so i poke it with a q-tip covered on cd cleaning liquid spray. i poke it and rub it.... then play.... it reduced the hiccup but not completely. i clean it again with huge amount of liquid on the q-tip..... then dry blow it.... then play...... back to every 1 second hiccup.

when i mean hiccup.... every 1 sec the sound and picture is cut.

anyone have any idea how to fix this?

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