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Originally Posted by IRQ Conflict View Post
I'm not. I rather enjoy trying to help people figure things out.

No, you sure as hell shouldn't imho. Send XFX a letter to their tech support. In the mean time we can keep looking for a solution. Optimally, if you could find a BIOS file that works on both cards equally as well, that might be the ticket.

Radeon BIOS editor

BIOS collection

You might want to post in the TPU forum as well.

Edit: Same thing happens if you put it in the first slot?
I will check those out when I get home. I know this seems nitpicky but I picked the case/fans/cooler etc because I wanted a quiet AND cool PC. Pre-crossfire it was silent and ice cold on just air. I could also buy a diff cooler for the card but that seems silly when it works just fine with a custom fan profile.

Also noticed last night the rear fan on the gigabyte card also ticks due to it's wobble, sigh.

try and save a buck haha
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