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OK, quick update. I ran out of time last night so I didn't get to fully test.

Full driver uninstall and driver sweeper, reboot, reinstall. the 2nd card fan glitch is back (ULPS) where the afterburner fan profile does not work on GPU2 when idle. This seems so ass-backwards and the fan is whizzing away at 50% and then you start a game and it slows down, quit to desktop and it speeds up . XFX have the "idle" fan speed WAY too high on this thing, it idles at 45% even though the card is only 34C when you force it to 30%.

I tried a quick buzz into a game and back out and it didnt lock to 99% but I want to test more.

installed radeonpro (is 2011 really the latest version? lots happened since then). Looks comples haha I need time to look at it.
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