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Originally Posted by Luay79 View Post
Gaming (refresh rates, response time)
For gaming, nothing beats a 120 Hz LightBoost monitor because it produces far less motion blur than standard 120 Hz LCD monitor. It has CRT-quality motion. With the LightBoost tweak enabled (google "LightBoost" -- the top 2 hits pertain to LightBoost's recently discovered ability to eliminate motion blur -- even for 2D, rather than its other usage for improved 3D glasses operation, but I don't use 3D glasses)

Standard 120 Hz LCD's only have 50% less motion blur than standard 60 Hz LCD's. However, LightBoost 120 Hz (with the LightBoost force-enabled for 2D) were recently measured to have 85%-92% less motion blur than a 60 Hz LCD. That's an order of magnitude better than a 60 Hz LCD in motion blur! So if you want the sharpest possible motion during fast-action gaming FPS and maximum competitive advantage (some competition teams now use LightBoost for the faster reaction time; e.g. Team Exile 5 -- they have a rave review on their website).

There are ASUS VG248QE's on sale for only $300, which is one of the best computer monitors for fast action videogaming, if you can afford it. It's a 120 Hz panel with 1ms and also LightBoost; many reviewers such as has given it a good score if used for video gaming purposes.

However, if you want movies/tv/video/photos/office, an IPS display will be better.
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