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Originally Posted by AkG View Post
Oh I wouldnt go THAT far. D is as Canadian as hockey and poutine....its just that you would be better served assuming the typical Canuck'er sounds more Irish/Scottish than Slov.
I love hockey (actually, most Americans don't get along with me because I mock football (handegg) since it's such a nancy sport compared to hockey.

Did you know that while NHL players are 20% smaller than NFL players, the hits they deliver and take are 17% HARDER than hits in the NFL? ESPN did the science behind it.

Originally Posted by Soultribunal View Post
Maybe Xnine had a Bromance going for ya

So...what's the problem?

Originally Posted by Dimitry49 View Post
nice...I am a Canadian Russian background is just the prepared me for all the cold winters here in Toronto, and modular language never hurts :D
Chicks dig Russians. Seriously though, you've got probably the cleanest reviews out there. Very well thought out and the timing of your video and audio is impeccable. You also point out negatives and don't just give everything an approval, which makes for honest, unbiased reviews. Exactly what consumers are looking for.
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