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My System Specs


Originally Posted by JayDeeHobbit View Post
Thanks for the review AKG!
I just bought a H100i (I'll have it next week... I hope...) so I just wanted to see what Corsair was up to with their new stuff.

Haha this gave me a chuckle... Straight up 0% BS answer.
And I doubt it is for lack of trying either to get a Review unit.
A Shame that nothing is forthcomming but those are the breaks sometimes.

Good Job nonetheless on the review. Makes me happy that the Kraken was more refined from the start vs this unit even though they share OEM's.
Corsair really needs to standardize their product lineup in regards to the AIO and just make them all (i) models and be done with it.
Having two of the same thing released later makes the first launch feel rushed.


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