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With what happened with Diablo 3, I wasn't expecting it to be a smooth launch tbh. I started playing around 5pm CST today and had no trouble logging in but that would be 3pm PST so it seems the West server gets hit then. I hope they allocate some more resources to their servers asap, cause waiting 20 minutes to play Simcity isnt cool. Trying to invite people to the rejoin has been really buggy as well. It seemed fine yesterday. Tonight I built up a lot of the mining specialization buildings and a trade depot and was pulling in about $1.4 - 1.8 million a day, and had about $10 million in the bank even after sending out a few million dollars to my neighouring cities. Not bad. Speaking of which I saw our HWC region at #31 on the global leaderboards before they... stopped updating every 15 minutes like it says it should. Anyways, hopefully it gets sorted out by tomorrow and we can actually invite a couple more people into the region.

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