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Yes, HX 620. I know it's at the ragged edge of xfire, but most all tests showed the hx620 can pull a good 750w easy so I figured it's fine.

Both connected with the proper pcie connectors.

I have actually never heard of radeon pro, hell I didnt even know you needed profiles to make xfire work lol. I can give it a try.

I have been using afterburner, mostly to keep the damn xfx fan from whizzing away on the desktop. Also to match the card specs, no idea if it matters but I figured it was better to have them match.

thanks for the congrats, they have made me tired and broke with no free time but I still love the little bastids.

I was thinking it might be a driver issue I will try driver cleaner, never used it before either (never had issues).

Looking forward to being on here more and playing again, got a scyth mine 2 on the way so I can play with o/cing again.

I wanted a nice new 7-series card and some free games but for $50 for a 6850 I figured crossfire it up!
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