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My System Specs


What CPU cooler do you have? Is it mounted properly? If it wasn't making good contact then the CPU could be overheating and that would cause a shutdown. Before taking the parts to a shop to have them put it together, I'd take everything out of the case and put motherboard atop the motherboard box. Connect only the graphics card to the motherboard and CPU and ram. Attach only the 24 pin power connectors, 8 pin CPU connector to top left of the board, and the 2 for the video card. Do not attach any drives. Hookup monitor and keyboard/mouse. With the ppwer supply plugged in and on, Take a flathead screwdriver and touch the two pins that are labelled PW_sw on the motherboard. That is the same as what pushing the power button would do. Hopefully the computer will POST and you will get into the bios . by eliminating the case and drives you can more easily troubleshoot what is going on by breaking the system down to the most basic components. Good luck!!!
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