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My System Specs


What psu are you using? Are all cards connected properly with the proper pcie power connectors and not molex adapters?

Are you using the CCC or a third party program to control your cards? I would stay away from even opening up CCC (i let it always run in the background) as it has caused weird bugs with my xfire rigs.

Are you using radeonPro to handle the profiles of bf3 and your other games? If not, get on it. It also allows for real time monitoring of the gpu usage in game, so you can see when your second card is being used.

Certain in games settings like vsync and running in windowed mode can cause only one card to run.

So in short, download radeonpro and a hardware controller program like msi afterburner and see if any of that helps. Also please tell us what PSU you are using, and make sure you're using the proper pcie connectors and not molex adapters.
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