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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Whitelight77 View Post
then there's the other messy connection that has (red cord, one hole) power led +, (black cord, one hole) power led -, (red and black cord, 2 holes) power sw, (red and black cord, 2 holes) power reset.

then there's the little adapter with 9 holes and 9 prongs with pwr sw-, pwr sw+, fp pwr/slp, fp pwr/slp, pwr led+, pwr led-, rst sw-, rst sw+, rsvd_dnu
First batch of cables are from your case's switches and lights. On the board, those connectors all go to the same place: 'front panel connections'. Check out your manual to know where to install them.

Advice, the colored wire is the positive, the black wire the negative.

Second connector sounds like the case's sound jacks - check out the manual, and search for 'front panel sound'.
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