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Default Computer won't start

I have my new build together and finally have it half hazzardly set up on a table with the case open. There were (2) 2 pronged attachments coming from the case front that I couldnt' figure out how to connect. The case manual is no help and I have no 'female' ends to plug into them, not sure if they hook into the motherboard or the PSU (although there's a 4 pronged male connector that comes from the case and that hooked into the PSU just fine, some case fans also tied into the same cord nicely as well).
When I turn my new build on there are no beeps, the fans are all running and after about 3-4 seconds it powers off. Then it'll auto try and reboot with the same result.

I have 2 identical cords; one end marked PSU the other end PSI-E and I hooked them both up to the video card. the PSU end in the PSU and the PSI-E end in the video card.

2 power cords were attached to the PSU and one obviously goes near the ram as that would power the board. THe other smaller cord which divided into 2 equal ends I also plugged into the motherboard up to the higher left end of the motherboard (to the left of the CPU/fan).

the USB cord that comes from the case is hooked into the USB1 port

then there's the other messy connection that has (red cord, one hole) power led +, (black cord, one hole) power led -, (red and black cord, 2 holes) power sw, (red and black cord, 2 holes) power reset.
then there's the little adapter with 9 holes and 9 prongs with pwr sw-, pwr sw+, fp pwr/slp, fp pwr/slp, pwr led+, pwr led-, rst sw-, rst sw+, rsvd_dnu

I have a feeling that my issues have to do with that last bit. I'm looking online and on youtube to find a tutorial but I'm wondering if perhaps someone knows exactly what I may be missing.
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