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Originally Posted by IRQ Conflict View Post
It's there in the gaming>3D Applications Settings. Look for "Wait for vertical Refresh" The newer interface had drop down boxes rather than sliders. If you update to current drivers you have to go to "Frame Rate Control" then click on that and the Vsync setting will be there.

Better still just right click the taskbar icon and choose AMD Radeon 6xxx>3D Settings>Wait for vertical refresh.
Thanks. I need to check on the iRacing forums about this controller lag issue, and how to best set up vsync.

When I first saw someones comment about vsync and controller lag in iRacing, I went in and turned off "vertical sync" in the game settings. (see lower left of this image)
All other settings in that image are the way it has always there was no stuttering with those settings despite how high they are.
The image does show one change I made this morning to test the stuttering issue...above "vertical sync" it has "limit ac" and "batt". When I was experiencing stuttering, those two settings were 84 and 60. This morning I changed them both to 100 and recorded a replay for two minutes, I saw no stuttering. Still...I need to test this for longer when I get home later today.
The real i'm tinkering with settings I don't understand. When they were 84 and 60, I would get a fps of 84 when not recording the replay, and when recording it would bounce inbetween 30-60. My test this morning showed a fps of 100 when not recording, and 60 when recording. But again...i'm getting ahead of myself and need to test it more.

A couple of weeks ago when I heard about this possible vsync issue, I did try variations of these 3 frame rate options in the game settings, "no limit" was a problem. I will try "vertical sync" as this is the way it was when the stuttering was not an issue, and check in to the ideal settings for Catalyst "wait for vertical refresh" and in-game "frame rate" options.

The timing of the heatsink replacement and this stuttering issue...and my thought the worst. That it was a more serious hardware issue. I was also overconfident and ignored my nagging thoughts that I should check this in another game.
I keep notes of all changes I make to my system and could look back at those changes...but I did not note the changes I made within the game. If I had, we might have avoided all this.

Sorry to take up everyones time...but I really appreciate your help. I may not have figured this out without it.
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