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Default First time crossfirerrerr noob questions/issues

Hi all, it's been a long time since I have been active on here (for reference my last "enthusiast" build was a C2D 6750 based system). After that I had a couple kids and went fairly boring and gamed on consoles for the simplicity, but I got bored haha.

I built up a decent mid-range rig (I will post it up some time) based around a z77x-ud3/3570k setup and re-used my xfx 6850.

Last week I bought a used gigabyte 6850 to try out crossfire instead of shelling out for a 7950. It's been kind of a bummer though, found out the OC version of this card doesn't OC well (huh?) and also the rear fan on it is borked and runs all wobbly and slow. Then I had issues with the card in slot 2's fan would ramp way up at idle, which I figured out was due to ULPS (again, huh?). I can live with those issues but I can't figure out these other ones:

1) Sometimes crossfire just straight up doesn't work, in some things it works fine, but a lot of games and benchmark programs only run on one card? Unigine heaven 4.0 only runs on one card, same for kombustor (although the "1080 preset" test works fine, none of the others use both cards). I found info on profiles etc but everything seems to say that these programs should work fine, and plenty of others have used them just fine and dandy. BF3 also seems to only work off one card as well. I have downloaded the latest "profiles" from AMD.

2) Every time I quit a game and return to the desktop GPU2 will go 99% load until I reboot. Kind of stupid. The first time I even noticed it was when i came back into the normally cool room my PC is in and it was like a sauna because my 6850 had been going full blast for about 6 hours, sigh. I found references to this with older drivers (pre-11.2) but I am on 13.1.

Hopefully these aren't so noob that they are insulting. but so far upgrading hasn't been worth it at all, BF3 runs on one card only, benchmarks dont work and LA noire is frame locked to 30fps and thats all I am playing right now lol.
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