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Hi Jeff. Looking at your system and situation and also being an iRacer, I'm not sure that there is anything "wrong" with your setup. I can't see it having anything to do with Corsair link if it is turned off while you are recording your replays with FRAPS. What I have noticed is, since the last update (addition of the Gen 6 SS), tons of people have seen their FPS drop. This is thought to be because of the higher resolution textures of the SS. I also know that Trading Paints released new software that loads car textures of custom paints when you enter race. I don't know if you use Trading Paints.

Since replays are frame by frame replicas of what happens in the race, your stuttering is occurring in the race and has nothing to do with recording or FRAPS and everything to do with iRacing. I'm sorry that I don't have a concrete answer for you but suggest;

Check the iRacing forums (hardware) and go through the sticky for ATI optimizations. Read any posts there that have to do with stuttering. Some people find that setting up AA and AF through Catalyst Control Center instead of within iRacing has gotten rid of stuttering. Also you may want to check your CPU and GPU temperatures while racing to see if either is getting too hot which can lead to reduced FPS.
Since you installed the H100i, have you stressed your CPU to make sure that the heatsink is mounted correctly? I would run OCCT for a minimum of 1 hour and see what your CPU temps get to. Run Furmark torture test and see what your GPU temps get to.

Good luck with it!
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