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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
This has been a discussion in the pre-beta comment thread (you had to have access to the file rather than just using the -beta tag) and from what I've gathered a big part of the cpu usage is related to debugging / troubleshooting code that will not be part of the public release.

So are these actually giving out points? The pre-beta testing wasn't.

I'm going to keep my fingers crossed though, not only does this core apparently bring AMD back into the fold, it also will make use of kepler GPUs. My 680 has been sitting idle while I wait for them to either come up with something that will use more than 80% of the cards power on more than just a few WUs and/or the public release of QRB for GPUs.
Interesting... the V7 client definitely shows points and a QRB bonus:

Project:7661 (5,0,2)
Base Credit:1600
Estimated Credit:6341.48
Estimated PPD:24030.88
Estimated TPF:3min 48secs

Previously though I was getting about 40,000 PPD on 762X WU's. With only ~2% cpu usage per client

Hopefully the cpu usage goes down on the new units; if as you say a large part of that is debugging

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