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Nice build but I would make sure the RAM heatsink won't interfere with the CPU heatsink. I would go for Samsung 30nm (smaller die, less power consumption & heat) or Corsair vengeance LP.

Top of the line CPU need a Z77 motherboard to overclock . Upgrade mobo ($110 ASRock Z77 Pro4-M or $90 ASRock Z77M) or downgrade CPU to non-k (non-overclockable) model.

The CM PSU was priced too high for what it is. Seasonic G 550W will stay quite for your build, Gold efficiency, cheaper and much better. And it's enough for your build with room to overclock.

HD 7950 is the same price and performance as GTX 660ti. See what games you want to play and review benchmarks to know which is more suitable.

For a few $$ more the Noctua NH-L9i will give you the quiet and subtle with same or better performance.

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