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Default upgrading from GTX280 (old I know)


I built a decent PC about 4-years ago, my current video card seems to be failing with random crashes, so I was looking at upgrading (any excuse), but am very out of touch with the current gear, so please forgive the newbie questions.

I have a GTX280 and was looking at a 500 or 600 series, but have a couple of questions.

1. My MB is the Gigabyte EX58-UD5. I see cards listed as single-slot or dual-slot. My MB will support up to 3 SLI (or crossfire), but I don't know if this is the same as single-slot or dual-slot

2. My MB supports PCie 2.0, some of the new cards are 3.0. Is that a show stopper or will 3.0 work in a 2.0 slot. I couldn't see any BIOS updates that change this.

Other than that, I'm guessing that any 500 or 600 series card would be an upgrade over a 4-year old GTX280, correct? I only run at 1680x1050,and have a good PSU and Antec 300 case which should support a longish card.

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