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My System Specs


For security (as in keeping viruses, direct hacks, and phishing away), the first line of defense is common sense. Don't go clicking on "free" offers and whatnot. As a backup if you fail or a service you trust gets hacked, you use an antivirus with up-to-date definitions, hardware firewall (e.g. router), and try to keep your browsers and OS up to date. You can take the paranoia to the max on "security" by using a Linux Live CD (or virtual machine with Linux Live ISO) to browse the Internet. Shut down the computer / VM, and any nasty exploits get killed with it.

VPN is only useful in terms of "security" if you use open (public) Wi-Fi a lot, and proxy won't do anything for security.

For anonymity, the first thing you do is NOT cookies and account-tracking mobile apps. Masking your IP with a proxy or VPN is useless if the tracking bugs are using easier methods like scanning your contacts through integration with your Google account or Facebook. I won't go any further than that because I'm not that paranoid.
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