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My System Specs


Originally Posted by IRQ Conflict View Post
Whoo boy that's a bit of info. I'm not sure on the SSD's but I do know that if you install windows on a normal HD in SATA mode then switch to AHCI after the fact it can cause problems. It sounds more like a playback issue to me. What software are you using to play it back?
The os was originally installed on the SSD's...and then I read-up on how to manage them and changed the settings to AHCI later. Lots of testing...great improvements from that, and they've both behaved well for two years.

However I had not looked at the SATA settings before, nor did I take a photo of the way it was before. So when I reset the bios and saw SATA3...I thought...this must be wrong. I've got a SATA6 mobo and SATA6 hdd's (storage not os). But I wasn't sure how that setting would affect my SSD's...if at all. I think not at all.

The "playback" in iRacing is from within the game. Most racing can't save replays. You can watch a replay afterwards and record it with another program like FRAPS at that point. Which I also have done.
However with iRacing it stores the race data in small files, your run the game interface within a the replay, which triggers the game on your local drive to start up...and it plays! :)

So all I have to do is have another program like FRAPS running at the same time...and hit record...and I get an uncompressed avi of the game replay.

I've made tons of 'em. lol
All without stuttering.
Can't figure out what has changed.
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