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My System Specs

Default Awesome Upgrades

I received all my components from NCIX, as usual no issues with products or shipping.
I'd like to thank you for the feedback as getting the larger SSD was quite good advice. I followed the guide on the forum for tweaks and advice setting up an SSD and it's night and day between a normal HD.
The MSI MPower Board is awesome with the 3570k it OC's with the OC Genie at the push of a button to 4.2Ghz stable and you can then play with it from there. I've had it to 4.6Ghz stable but even with the H80i it is too hot to run 24/7.
Amazing board, chip, memory and did I mention the Gigabyte 660 Ti OMG what a sweet little card. I play all my games no stutter, artifacts, freezing, crashes. I can watch a Blueray on a 45" LCD while working or perusing the web with no difficulty.
I can see these components lasting for some time although a new Titan would be an amazing addition lol

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