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Originally Posted by bostonkikiki View Post
Hi everyone !

I watched Logan's (from TekSyndicate) "internet security" videos, pretty interesting, but i still have a few questions...

First, lots of websites he mentionned are not available (or free). Like OPENDNS i believe... so do you guys have another good free DNS service to recommend ?

And, as far as i understood VPNs and proxys, what's the best ? And, which ones are safe in your opinion ?

Also, something i don't understand : Open DNS... doesn't it sound like your opening your router to... anybody ?

I mean, according to Logan it improves your security to use a open dns service, but isn't it also dangerous ?

I realize these are a lot of noob question, but i'm french (nobody's perfect) and i probably didn't get the entire meaning of video...

thank you !
Uh would you like a tinfoil hat?

Really invest in a good router and install a FREE A/V and that is it.
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