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just replayed the first game and I quite enjoyed it. Graphics are still amazing and the openess of ti was great. Nanosuit in the first was also amazing in my mind and I was saddened deeply with the 2nd's dumbed down version of it. The so was just terrible though and broken to a degree by the fact that I could go invisible at whim.

I didn't like the second for many reasons but mostly the story just didn't make any sense after the first. No ice storms, no giant sphere, no nomad and the there's insistence on bringing prophet back, who I'm sure killed himself at the beginning of the second..

I will play the third soon but I'm only just more interested in seeing what Chris Roberts can pull off with that engine at this point. Unless crytek actually opens up the enviroments again and go back to a game more along the original its not a game I'm going to rush out to play.
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