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Default XFX 7970 not working properly

Okay, So I just upgraded from my old EVGA 560 to this XFX Double D 7970 and I have not gotten any inprovment in my gaming FPS in fact I think I'm getting a few frames less then before, I've done a clean intall of windows and reinstalled the driver but I can't even maintain 60 fps in minecraft anymore which is really bothersome. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I could try?

PC & GPU info:

Heaven Bench Results:

Usage between 10% - 25% throughout benchmark
GPU Temp peaked at around 79C

1000w Power Supply

I've dismissed the idea that games arent optimized for multiple threads/cores because Crysis 3 ( A supposed multithread frendly game) also had the same problems when I ran it.

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