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My System Specs


Originally Posted by nasrott View Post
Sucker lol, thx for all the tips Kapt, have bought all my cases here in canada, will use USPS though if I do buy something over $200 from the states. Everyone warned me about the duty when was considering a mountain mod case, thought would pass on the info.
You'll still get dinged for duty even with USPS if the customs value is correctly written. I've found that orders over $100-200 get stopped at customs, but things less than that never do and get here duty-free.

Certain shipping methods though do account for duty/customs/brokerage up front though. That's why you'll see the shipping charge far more, but then at least you don't owe anything else when it gets to you. Always best to contact the seller to determine what's the best option for you I'd say.

Anyways, back to the OP, the Cosmos II is a pretty solid case I'd say. Granted it's a mix of materials (steel, aluminum, plastic) but when it all comes together, it's very strong and durable feeling. The panels are pretty thick and hinged. I think the Corsair 800D is pretty sturdy too? I believe it's largely steel construction.
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