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Since most HD channels output at 1080i, use 1080i. This ensures your TV is receiving the maximum, native resolution and it also ensures less conversion steps in the chain (720p output: 1080i -> 720p -> 1080p; 1080i output: 1080i -> 1080p). Also, the de-interlacers and scalers found in HDTVs are usually of inferior quality compared to HDPVRs and other input devices. Case-in-point are the 2012 Panasonic plasma televisions, which have a horrible scaler (de-interlacer is fine).

Of course, for most hardware setups and viewing distances the difference between 720p/1080i won't be noticeable. I only notice a slight oil-painting effect when viewing a 720p signal on my 2012 Panasonic plasma because it's 60" and my viewing distance is ~8'. Luckily my Motorola box outputs at 1080i and both my WDTV Live and Xbox 360 have solid scalers that output at 1080p.
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