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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Bond007 View Post
If it was my money and my build for a gaming rig I would make the following changes. Drop the motherboard down a notch or two to save a few bucks (you won't really loose any features), go to a i5 3570k, stick with the same ram/monitor/HDD/GPU, use the saved money to go to a quality 650-750w power supply (XFX, Seasonic, Corsair, Antec), up the SSD to a 240gb version, and grab an aftermarket CPU heatsink (cooler master hyper 212 if you want to keep it good but cheap, or a noctua if you want silence/quality/don't mind spending a few extra $).

Best advice so far. Personally though, go 850w if you think you might go sli (for multi screen gaming, high res screen or 120hz monitor, surround 3d?)
Get as an ssd (within reason) as you can afford. 120gb min, 240 is ideal and if you have the funds and regularly pay lots of different games, have large apps that you want to be fast, go 512gb.

What case are you getting?
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