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My System Specs


If it is running Vuze, it is going to be some version of Mac OS X. You do not want to bother with Java in OS 9, it is not even funny.

The newest version of OS X that will run on a G4 is 10.5, but by FAR 10.4 is more popular on G4 systems. 10.3 for the luddites who hate nice things and think that dashboard and spotlight wrecked everything.(they did not, and at this point each version of OS x was still getting faster than the previous version)

Looks like current versions of Vuze require 10.5, but I think in the past it used to require 10.4 so I am betting you are running one of those two.

If you cannot find anything, then you could setup the G4 and a PC as honeypots separated from your real systems and see what happens.

I am tempted to suggest you start a thread at a place like ehMac, but I am not sure what things are like on mac forums these days and I would not want a couple morons to
cause issues upon the suggestion that a Mac might have a problem. (even if the rest of the people are normal)

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