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Default Apple antivirus/anti-malware.

Don't tell me they don't need it.

Here's the score :

I have IT telling me that a g4 powermac was the source of a malware infection.....

I can either : a) SCAN said mac and find the evidence , or, b) prove it innocent....I don't care which I just need to see definitive evidence of said hack.

I assure you , I hate macs already.If there is even a shadow of a doubt , we'll never allow apple devices of any kind on our network again.

That's a bold statement , but, I really mean it.I NEED some way to check some stuff out.I have to start ruling things out !

I'm looking for 'apple versions' of the following ;

-Anti-malware like MBAM
-something like 'hijack this' or similar
-a program like TCPview

It's possible the OS does stuff like this already , I don't know , I'm learning how to use a mac as we speak.....

.....But don't ask me to spend even 1 cent.(5cents now I guess).......I'll just ban apple if I can't get good inspection software.......but I'm also an Apple newb , and I don't want to be unfair , so here's a couple dumbass questions :

How does an apple g4 powermac (I dont know what os yet , ) connect to a domain ?

Where do I find network data ?

Please help me out everyone !!


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