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My System Specs


What you are suggesting requires a rebuild each time, and I'm thinking that's going to be a risky process for what you're thinking - basically I wouldn't do it like that.

It would be better to leave it in RAID 1, then copy everything over to an external at a regular interval, or to a dedicated drive on on machine in the office.

Offsite backup would be recommended as well.

I kinda feel you're being thrown under the bus as it is "the Museum's backup of all their documents in case something happens to the museum itself (fire or whatnot), so I want it to be as disaster proof as possible." but yet "The budget is ~$1000, but flexible."

An option like or would probably work as well for the offsite.

RAID 1 at the minimum.
Another backup outside that machine / NAS but still in the building.
Cloud storage or other offsite storage

This is what I would do at the minimum.
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