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Question Suggestions for "Safe" Network Storage

Looking for some advice here. I have a fair amount of experience with PCs, but considerably less with network storage.

I'm looking at options for storage and backup for the local museum in town. Basically they have boxes and boxes of photos, tapes, videos, etc that they want to digitize and preserve. This data will be the Museum's backup of all their documents in case something happens to the museum itself (fire or whatnot), so I want it to be as disaster proof as possible.

For now, they have two computers that work is done on, with the possibility of more in the future.

The idea I have in my head is a 2 bay NAS with 3 HDs, two in the NAS in Raid 1, with a third HD being hotswapped once a week and stored off site. Would this work? Are there concerns about hotswapping too often?

I'm planning on 3TB drives, I think that should be enough storage for now. Most of the files will be pictures scanned at 800dpi, which don't take up a huge amount of room.

If the above plan would work, what do people suggest for brands for NAS and HDs? Briefly looking at NCIX, they all seem to be highly rated.

The budget is ~$1000, but flexible. I would likely be buying from NCIX or Memory Express, but I'll also talk to the local store in town for their pricing.

Thoughts or advice?
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