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Originally Posted by sourthings View Post
There is some value starting to show in games for having an HT enabled CPU like the 3770K.

Battlefield 3 multiplayer and Crysis 3 both take advantage of HT and more cores. Granted there are only select games making use of it, but it does seem to be a trend now with new games.

Dice have said that all Frostbite 2 games going forward in 2013 are now going to require a 64 bit OS and will take advantage of multiple cores/threads.
Maybe so but I had a 2500k with a 6870 and I was getting 60fps easy on Ultra with AA disabled in bf3. A 3570k and a gtx680 ain't gonna have no trouble maxing out the game with Ultra and AA enabled. Crysis3 I cannot comment on as my system blew up before I had a chance to try the beta.
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